Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses and rewards of some of the biggest factors that players consider when looking for an online casino site to invest their time and money into.

From jackpot prizes to sign-up bonuses, free spins and prize giveaways, the tools at a casino’s disposal are endless, and many go to great lengths to reward loyal players and to inject a little more excitement into their gameplay.

Every online casino in the UK offers a different selection of prizes, and not every casino is as generous as the others. On this page, we’ve listed some of the most common bonuses that you’ll see online.

Keep an eye out for these bonuses and rewards as you play online – they may help you to choose your new favourite casino. Scroll down to see all of the available bonuses, how they work, and to find out how to become eligible to win.

Available Online Bonuses

Every casino in the UK will offer different bonuses – some are tied to certain casino games, some are site-wide rewards, and some are simply gifts and giveaways.

Bonuses are often designed to reward either new players or regulars too. While sign-up bonuses might encourage new players to join the site with the promise of free plays, regular players can find themselves eligible for bonuses and rewards for long service.

To give you an idea of what to look out for, we’ve put together this list of the most commonly available online casino bonuses in the UK. Take a look and decide for yourself which ones you’re most interested in, then keep an eye out for notices when you next visit your favourite gambling site.

Sign-Up Bonuses: Aimed at new players as a reward for joining the site, sign-up bonuses are applied to any new casino account on creation. Usually these bonuses are free spins, free games, or a generous deposit match on the player’s first deposit with the site – though this usually come with a maximum value attached. Sign-up bonuses can often be surprisingly generous, and are especially common around popular betting events like sporting tournaments, so keep your eyes peeled for some big bonuses on offer.

No Deposit Bonuses: A no-deposit bonus is, quite simply, free money for players. Used to both draw in new players and to reward casino veterans, these bonuses range from minimal sums up to hundreds of pounds of free money. There are strings attached, of course – the money typically must be spent in the casino, cannot be withdrawn in many cases, and has a whole host of other T+Cs attached. Still, it is free money and can be a great boost for anyone just starting out.

Referral Rewards: As a reward for introducing new players to the casino, many sites will offer referral bonuses – sometimes these are codes to be entered on sign-up, sometimes they are links to follow. The actual reward varies between casinos, though usually they are a combination of free funds or free spins.

Deposit Matching Bonuses: Deposit matching is one of the most common methods used by casinos to reward their players. Put simply, the casino will match a players deposited sum up to a certain amount – you put in £100, and the casino doubles it to £200 for you. Almost always there will be an upper limit set on this, and the extra funds usually can’t be withdrawn for a long time after they’re deposited.

Free Spins and Bets: Free spins are probably the most common and maybe the lowest value of all the rewards out there. Given out as prizes from machines, in email newsletters, as sign-up bonuses, and more, these award the player a certain number of free plays on a machine. They aren’t completely worthless, as you can still win from a free play, however.

Casino Loyalty Points: Some of the biggest casinos offer loyalty programs to reward long-term regular players. Players typically collect points by playing a certain game, depositing a certain amount, logging in for a consecutive number of days, or some other action. Points can then be traded in for bonuses like priority withdrawals, free spins, or even cash prizes.

How To Earn Casino Bonuses

There are many different types of bonus available to online casino players today, but it isn’t always clear how to earn them or how they can be used.

Many bonuses have quite strict rules governing when they can be given out and how they can be used. Sites will often track player activity to determine when a reward is earned, for example, or reward long-term loyalty as with the loyalty schemes mentioned above.

Even once a reward is earned, however, it can be difficult to make use of one. Wagering requirements usually apply to many cash bonuses, setting a limit on how much money must be wagered before any cash can be withdrawn to a player’s bank account.

Common requirements range from 25x to 40x, meaning a player must wager at least 25-40x the bonus amount before they can cash out. Many players will do this anyway without a problem, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re hoping a bonus might represent a quick win.

Casino Bonus FAQs

Where can I find a casino’s bonuses?

Most casinos will have a promotions page where players can find all of their current rewards schemes and other bonuses. Usually, casino users will have a mail inbox as part of their account too, and any bonuses that they earn will be sent here.

Are there limits on how I can use a bonus?

Usually, yes. Most bonuses will come with stipulations about how and when they can be used. Not every game is eligible for free spins, for example, while deposit matching will almost always have an upper limit set.

Can I earn bonuses on my phone or tablet?

Yes you can. Most casinos today operate mobile websites that function just like their regular site, with all the same bonuses and inbox features. Many also provide downloadable apps, again with all the functions of the regular site that you’d expect.

Why can’t I withdraw my bonus cash?

Typically casinos attach wagering requirements to any cash bonus that they hand out. As we covered above, this means that the player must wager a certain value before the free money can be withdrawn out of the casino. Sites do this to both encourage users to play their games and to avoid the casino’s money being taken away with no benefit to them.

Getting Started

There are many different types of bonus available to players both new and old at online casinos throughout the UK.

Take a look at our recommended casino list on the online casino uk homepage, then explore their site to find out which promotions they are currently running and whether any align with your chosen game or playstyle.