Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses

If you’ve already taken a look at our casino bonuses page, you’ll know that no deposit bonuses and free spin rewards can be a great way to kick start your play on a new casino site.

Providing free money to play with and free spins to try out on the latest games, these bonuses are offered by casinos to reward players as well as to entice new players onto the site. They’re a risk-free chance to play real-money games, and can be a major factor in players choosing a certain site to game on.

The exact bonuses offered varies by casino site – some are more generous than others, while some focus entirely on just a few types on bonus. Regardless, with a little research you can pick out a casino to join that offers the type of bonus that you’re interested in.

On this page, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits of both no deposit bonuses and free spins, and talk about how you can use each to your advantage while playing at an online casino.

UK Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Many UK online casinos offer no deposit bonuses, though the exact value and the terms attached to the bonus will vary from site to site.

Put simply, a no deposit bonus is an injection of free cash into the account of a player – sometimes as a reward for certain actions or as a one-time promotion. Amounts vary up to hundreds of pounds at a time, and these bonuses can represent a significant boost to any gambler’s fortunes and a welcome cash bonus for any player just starting out online.

Understandably, free money does come with some strings attached. No deposit bonuses will usually have a wagering requirement attached to them – this means that the original deposit amount must be wagered a certain number of times before the money can be withdrawn. This is both to encourage users to play casino games and to stop players taking the casino’s money and leaving the site.

Wagering requirements vary between casinos, but often sit around 25x to 40x the original amount. While this isn’t a concern for any players who were planning on using the free deposit for play anyway, it does mean that it isn’t quite as useful as cash deposited by players themselves as it cannot be withdrawn at will.

Despite the wagering requirements though, no deposit bonuses are a favourite with many players. Not only do they give a sizeable cash injection for players just starting out, but they give players the opportunity to try out new games without risking their own original deposit.

If a player is patient enough, as well as lucky and skilled enough, they can turn free deposits into real-world free money too – and no one can so no to that.

Free Spin Bonuses

Alongside no deposit bonuses, one of the most common forms of reward in online casinos is a free spin or free play bonus.

Free spins are often given away to new players as part of their sign-up bonus, but are also awarded to players as prizes, as part of loyalty programs, or just as part of regular promotions. Players can sometimes be given a large number of free spins at a time too, often hundreds at once.

These free spins can normally be used on many of the casino’s online slot machines, with any winnings deposited into the player’s account. A large number of free spins can be used by players as a chance to try out games that they haven’t played before and to experiment with new styles of play.

Because the spins are free but the games pay out real money, they also represent a potentially large injection of cash into a player’s account. There are usually limits on how the winnings from free spins can be used – most often a time limit is set before the money can be withdrawn from the casino – but they can still be worth a lot of money to lucky players.

Most, if not all, casinos will offer players free spins in some form. To find out if your favourite casino does, check out their promotions page for more information.

Free Spins and No Deposit FAQs

Are bonuses limited by game?

Most bonuses can be used on any type of game that the casino offers. The money that a casino gives out as a no deposit bonus is the player’s to use across the site. Free spins are usually limited to online slot machines, however, and sometimes then just a subset of the games are eligible.

How much are these bonuses worth?

The number of free spins a casino offers can vary wildly, some give them away in tens, others in hundreds. It’s hard to say what they’re worth as their value depends on how many free spins turn into wins. A lucky and skillful player can certainly translate free spins into real money though.

No deposit bonuses also vary in value, ranging from £10 up to £500. It can be harder to withdraw that amount of value from this type of bonus, however, as wagering requirements mean that players must bet that money many times over before they can take it away. Again, if you are skillful or lucky enough, you could still turn free money into real withdrawable cash.

When are these rewards available?

This varies from casino to casino. Sometimes rewards are given away as part of sign-up bonuses, sometimes they reward player loyalty, and sometimes they simply celebrate events, tournaments, or are given away at random.

Take a look at the promotions page of your favourite casino site next time you visit to see which rewards they currently offer.

Getting Started

Bonuses can be worth a lot of money if used correctly, and the big sums on offer can be a real kick start for a new player’s gaming career on a UK casino site.

Check out our list of recommended casinos on the Online Casino UK homepage and then take a look at their promotions pages to get an idea of what’s on offer.