New Online Casinos In The UK

Every year more and more online casino sites are created in the UK – online gambling has never been more popular and millions of people play regularly at some of the largest sites in the country.

From sports betting sites to sites offering the full range of casino games, each new site aims to do something new to draw a crowd. Many offer bigger bonuses than ever before, some offer unique games or provide bigger payouts than their rivals.

On this page, we’ll take a look at some of the best new online casinos to open in the UK and look at why you might consider joining a new site over an established older casino.

The Best New Online Casinos For 2018

Throughout the year, the team at Casino Guru UK takes a look at all of the new releases and puts together a list of the best new casinos. We’ve been hard at work in 2018 to find the best sites released so far – casinos with great games, prizes and service.

Take a look at the list below to see our pick for the best new online casinos in Britain:

[Casino list]

Features of New Online Casinos

The online casino industry is fast moving, with new casinos opening all the time and fighting to earn customers from the bigger and more established websites.

Many online players are reluctant at first to play at brand new online casinos. Whether it’s the lack of reviews or that the casino hasn’t had time to earn a good reputation, players tend to steer clear of new sites for a while after they first launch.

Familiarity is an important factor for many players too, and is what keeps players at their old casino sites for longer. Many casinos offer loyalty programs that encourage players to stay put too, with incentives for sticking with just one casinos over the years.

But there are good reasons for players to adventure out into newer websites. Below is a list of some of the best reasons for trying out a new casino:

New Games

While some players are comfortable with their current online casino and see no reason for change, many players are often tempted away by the promise of new games.

Whether they’re updated versions of old familiar games, games which utilise newer graphics and themes for an added thrill, or completely new games built from scratch, they can offer a pleasant change of pace.

If you’re bored of the games available on your current casino site, or are looking to try something new, take a look at the ‘new games’ category of a new casino website.

Bigger Promotions

When a casino first launches it has to make itself heard and do whatever it takes to draw in new customers. Often, this means offering bigger and more generous promotions than any established casino can.

From massive no deposit bonuses to huge number of free spins, newer casinos give away very large rewards to their customers in an effort to try and build a solid base of players.

Over time, many casinos scale back their promotions, eventually falling in line with the industry standard. But for the player willing to brave a new casino, there are usually plenty of very generous offers to take advantage of.

Loyalty Programs

When a new casino launches a loyalty system, the first players to benefit from it will be those who have been signed up the longest.

Many players use this as a reason to move to a promising new casino as soon as possible – preempting the possible benefits of a loyalty scheme launch. From cash prizes to multiple free spins, loyalty schemes can be worth a lot of money to players and are worth taking advantage of.

You can read more about loyalty programs on our casino bonuses page.

Newer Technology And Improved Services

Newer casinos frequently make use of newer technology than older casinos. From newer and better websites through to improved payment processing and even faster and more modern games, new casinos often have the edge over their older rivals.

Many new casinos also take the opportunity to build on the services offered by existing websites. By analysing where others have failed, new sites often arrive on the market better prepared to face challenges, bringing more robust payment facilities and improved customer services than older sites had when they first launched.

New Mobile Online UK Casinos

Thanks to new technology and increasingly powerful smartphones and tablets, new online casinos launching this year are much more likely than before to have fully functional mobile websites and dedicated apps.

Users are now given the choice about when and where they play, with a full range of casino games and account functions available on any device anywhere with an internet connection.

Whether you play at home or not, and whether you’re interested in classic casino games or online sports betting, you’re guaranteed to be able to find an online casino that suits your taste.

The Best New Casino Games

As well as reviewing online casinos in the UK, the Casino Guru team also looks at the games that new casinos offer. We’ve been searching for the best new games released this year – finding the ones with a great mix of excitement and reward.

Here are our picks for the best new online casino games in 2018:

Choosing A New Casino

Whether you’re in it for the big bonuses and promotions or just want to make a change with new games on a fresh new website, there’s never been a better time to find a new site for you online gambling.

New online casinos in the UK are popping up all the time, so any new player will be spoilt for choice when looking for a new place to play.

To get started now, take a look at our lists above of the best new casinos and games this year.