Online Roulette In The UK

Roulette is a casino classic – an intoxicating mix of strategy, luck, high-stakes and big rewards.

A players’ favourite in casinos around the world, roulette has also become a popular online game for many players over recent years. Today roulette is available online on many of the UK’s favorite casino sites, giving you access to this exciting game any time of day, wherever you are.

Sharing advice on how to get started, tips for winning your first game, and our favourite online roulette sites, the team at Casino Guru has put together this page. Scroll down to check out our recommendations, and to find out how you can start playing online roulette today.

Guide To Online Roulette

Roulette is an easy casino game to pick up and a great game for beginners to try – it’s quick to play and the rules are simple to understand.

Even if you’ve never played before, you’ll probably already recognise a roulette table, either from films, TV, or even your last trip to the casino. Put simply, it’s a large spinning wheel divided into numbers set into a table that has all the possible betting combinations written on.

When the game starts, each player places a bet on where in the wheel a small ball will stop – guess correctly and you win, earning back your wager and winning an amount dependent on the odds of the bet that you made.

Players can bet on the ball landing on a specific number in the wheel, they can choose between red and black, odd or even numbers, high and low, dozens of numbers, six numbers at a time, or columns of numbers as presented on the table.

How much you win depends on the likelihood of your chosen bet taking place – betting on a colour or on odds or evens only gets players around 1:1 odds, while picking just one number nets you a much higher payout.

Check out this table for the full list of possible bets and odds:

[odds table]

Recommended Online Roulette Casinos

[List of casinos]

The Rules of Roulette

Roulette is a popular game both in casinos and online, due in part to how simple and beginner-friendly it can be. Like many casino games, it’s easy to get started but tricky to master – but with enough practice you’ll soon be playing like a pro.

The format is quite simple. Each player places their chips on the table, placing them over the marking for the bet they wish to place. Then the croupier spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball in, waiting for the wheel to stop and then calling out the winning number.

Once that’s done, players collect their winnings, place new bets, and the game begins again

Otherwise, the only thing that you’ll need to remember is the odds table we showed above – keep this in mind as you play and you’ll be ready to win big.

International Roulette Variations

There are three main variations of roulette popular in casinos around the world, and you’ll find each of them on UK online casinos:

European: European roulette wheels contain 36 numbers, equally split between red and black, and one green 0 mark. Players can bet directly on 0 if they choose for a high-stakes bet.

French: French roulette features the exact same wheel as the European game, and the odds of all the bets remain the same too. The game differs in the layout of the table and where the bets are placed before the wheel spins.

American: American wheels are the same as in the European game but feature an additional green spot numbered 00. The addition of this second green number gives the house a slightly better edge, but otherwise the game plays the same.

Top Tips For Online Roulette

  • Playing for Fun – Roulette is a simple game, but it can still sometimes be worth playing without putting real money on the line. Many UK online casinos will give you the chance to play practice games, and you should take advantage of this until you fully understand how to play
  • Low Wager Bets – Even once you are familiar with the game, there’s no rule that says you need to start with high-stakes games. Most online roulette games have low minimum bets, so you can play and learn without risking a big loss
  • The Martingale System – This is one of the most common strategies employed by roulette players. The plan suggests that a player should always double their wager after a lost bet, relying on the law of averages to eventually provide a win big enough to pay off all previous losses
  • Learn The Lingo – Understanding the jargon surrounding roulette is a good idea if you plan on playing. Here’s a selection of the most commonly used phrases:
  • Backtrack – The outer rim of the roulette wheel
  • Bottom Track – The inner area of a roulette wheel
  • Chameleon Strategy – Copying the betting of a player on a winning streak
  • Corner Bet – Betting on four numbers by placing chips between them
  • Split Bet – When a player bets on two numbers
  • Straight Bet – A bet on just one number
  • Street Bet – A bet placed on three numbers

Getting Started

Now you know the rules, you’ve got the jargon down, and you’ve got the table of odds in front of you, it’s time to get started.

Check out our recommended list of UK online casinos above to start playing.