Online Slots UK

Online Slots are a favourite with gamblers in casinos around the world, and in recent years that popularity has extended to online slot machines too. Fun, fast and exciting, online slot machines are available across every UK online casino, giving players access to quick thrills any time, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for classic casino-style slots, unique high-payout games, or modern, fun themed slot machines, the UK online casino scene has a game to suit every taste.

Here, we’re taking a look at the Casino Guru team’s favourite online casinos, and sharing our tips for getting started with online slot machines.

Our Top Picks For Online UK Slots

Picking the right online casino is the first step towards finding the casino games that you’ll love.

Here are our picks for the best online casinos in the UK offering the best selection of online slot machines:

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Guide To Online Slot Machines

For many players, online slot machines are their first taste of online casino gaming. Slot machines are simple to understand, quick to play, and offer great rewards.

Experienced players love them too, with an infinite variety of games providing endless different thrills and the chance to win big on high-stakes machines.

Here’s how to get started with online slot machines:

  • Choosing Your Game: There are thousands of different slot machines available on UK online casinos – games with different themes, payouts, and styles. When you’re first starting, look out for free-to play games to get a feel for it, then have a thorough browse of the options to find the right game for you.
  • Read The Rules: The games might be simple, but it always pays to read the rules before you start. Check how likely the game is to pay out, and read up on any special game-specific rules that might apply.
  • Start Playing: Decide how much you want to pay, or find yourself a free game to try out first. Then, once you’ve decided, click the ‘spin’ button to get started.

Finding Bonus Slot Machines

Not all slot machines or online casinos are equal – some offer rewards and bonuses that mark them out as some of the best games and casinos available in the UK.

From free-play games to big payouts and promotions, casinos have a lot of tools at their disposal when it comes to rewarding their players. Here are some of the most common rewards to look out for:

  • Promotions: Many online casinos offer frequent promotions to encourage new players to join, to promote new games, or to celebrate events or seasons. Promotions range from free spins to prize draws.
  • Free Spins: Great for slot machine fans, casinos frequently offer free spins – your chance to try out new games for free or even win big on your favourite game without having to risk your own money.
  • Welcome Bonuses: Designed to reward new players and to entice new players into the casino, these sign-up bonuses are awarded when a new account is made. Rewards range from free spins to deposit matching and can be worth a lot of money to someone just starting out in online casinos.

Online Gaming On The Go

Online casino gaming is more popular than ever, in part because they allow players to access their favourite games anytime, no matter where they are.

Most UK online casinos have specialised mobile website or apps that allow gamers to play on their phones, tablets or laptops, anywhere they have an internet connection.

For many gamers, the inclusion of a mobile app or great mobile website is an important factor when choosing a new casino website. When you next visit your favourite casino, check their website to see whether they offer an app or site that you can use on the go.

Online Slots UK FAQ

How do I choose the right game for me?

Choosing the right game can be tricky – there are just so many different styles and themes of game to choose from. Luckily, with abundant free-spins and promotions, players have plenty of chances to try out new games, trying new games until they find the right one for them. Look for the game that suits your level of risk, combined with a theme that you enjoy.

How do I find more information about a slot machine game?

It’s always important to find out all you can about a certain game before you invest your time and money into playing it. Most online slot machines will provide all the information that players want to read – usually either below the game on the page or accessible by clicking a help button on-screen.

What is a high or low volatility game?

A high volatility game is one which offers big prizes coupled with a relatively low chance of winning. Low volatility games are the opposite, giving players frequent low-value payouts. Games will often advertise which type they are, or the casino may even split their games into these two categories.

Start Playing Online Slots Today

Online slot machines are some of the easiest games to get into, popular with new and experienced players alike.

Check out our list of recommended casinos above to find a game that suits you and get playing today.